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Attic Insulation schedule. Work begins January 11, 2021

Please find below the attic insulation schedule. Please note that the project will take place between 9:00am and 5:00pm. I cannot narrow down the time as we are not sure how long each unit will take. If you must have a specific time of day, only because of animals having to be put safely away, please tell me. A copy of this schedule notice of entry will go into your Canada Post mailboxes today. Only units with roofs above and gas heat will be entered.

On your work date, please email me with the answers to these covid questions to If you are not well on your date of work below or you answer YES to any questions, we would rather reschedule the work in your unit for another day. The Contractors are required to answer the same questions.


1. Does anyone in your household have a new / worsening cough or difficulty breathing?

☐ YES ☐ NO

2. Are you feeling feverish, or have you had shakes or chills in the last 24 hours?

☐ YES ☐ NO

3. Has anyone in your household traveled internationally within the last 14 days (outside of Ontario)?

☐ YES ☐ NO

4. Has anyone in your household or any of your guests been in close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case in the last 14 days?

☐ YES ☐ NO

5. Has anyone in your household had close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has been outside Ontario in the last 14 days?

☐ YES ☐ NO


Unit #Date Unit # Date

2 MON JAN 11 25 MON JAN 18

3 MON JAN 11 26 MON JAN 18

5 MON JAN 11 27 MON JAN 18

6 TUES JAN 12 28 MON JAN 18

7 TUES JAN 12 29 TUES JAN 19

8 TUES JAN 12 31 TUES JAN 19

10 TUES JAN 12 32 TUES JAN 19

11 WED JAN 13 33 TUES JAN 19

12 WED JAN 13 34 WED JAN 20

13 WED JAN 13 35 WED JAN 20

14 WED JAN 13 36 WED JAN 20

15 THUR JAN 14 37 WED JAN 20

16 THUR JAN 14 38 THUR JAN 21

17 THUR JAN 14 39 THUR JAN 21

19 THUR JAN 14 40 THUR JAN 21

20 FRI JAN 15 41 THUR JAN 21

21 FRI JAN 15 42 FRI JAN 22

22 FRI JAN 15 43 FRI JAN 22

24 FRI JAN 15 44 FRI JAN 22

Please make sure the attic hatch and surrounding area is completely clear. They will be bringing a hose up to the attic hatch, so please ensure the hallways and stairs are clear as well. All protocols regarding PPE will be adhered to. Please stay at least 6 ft away or farther from the workers, when they are in your unit. There should be no smoking in the unit, only in the back yards.

If you have any questions, please ask me.

Thanks for your co-operation.


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