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Building updates etc.

Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to send this update. We hope that everyone is well and practising social distancing, hand washing etc., to protect themselves and others from contracting the COVID virus.

1. Our grounds company will be there to do the spring clean up in the next few weeks. He will be doing the common area only. We ask that members clean the garbage that may have ended up in your front or back yards and dispose of it. There are a few leaf bags in the lobby of the community centre. We also have a compost area behind the community gardens, that you can dump your loose leaves in. Please be sure to dump them behind the wooden fence of the compost area. No food or garbage is to go into this spot.

Whoever has placed items at the end of block by unit 14, please go and take them away and dispose of them yourself. This is not a spot to put your garbage.

2. Unfortunately we will not be able to have our community gardens this year due to COVID-19. They will be closed off with caution tape today or tomorrow. Another option for this would be do to a garden in your own back yard but rememer that if you dig up an area, you will be required to plant grass when you move out, or no longer use the garden.

3. I was right about the missing spray bottle from the laundry room. It was in fact taken. Whoever took it, please put it back or laundry priviledges could be taken away. Please leave all cleaners in this area. Members who use the laundry room are required to wipe down machines and counters before and after use, for the safety of everyone who uses it. A schedule has been set up for anyone who uses the laundry room. If I have not contacted you, and you use the laundry room, please call me at 519-767-1323 so I can fit you into the schedule.

4. We have roped off the playground as well as the basket ball court. Sadly this is a requirement under the COVID rules. Please do not allow kids to play in these areas.

5. We do have rakes etc in the shed. To get access to these please see Sarah in unit 11 for the key. You will be provided with disinfectant cleaner to wipe down the equipment you use. Sarah has cleaner and paper towel for you to use. Please dispose of the garbage in your own unit garbage.

6. We do have a lawn mower available for member use (when spring ever comes!!). You can get the keys to the shed from Sarah in unit 11. Again wipe down the lawn mower handles with the disenfectant. If gas is needed please tell Sarah so I can go and get the gas can filled.

Other than that, not too many other things are going on. I continue to work remotely, but do go on site to do a few admiinistrative things and to take a drive through the property to see if anything needs attention.

Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to stay home and follow protocols for the COVID-19 virus. Please continue to watch the news for important information from government and health officials. Remember that having social guests in an out of the property is frowned upon. We do not want a carrier to bring in the virus to our complex inadvertantly. We welcome your visitors once the restrictions due to COVID are removed by the government.


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