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We need you to move your cars when the plow is here. I especially need cars moved from anywhere near a handicap unit, 34, 23, 43. The plow needs 3 empty spots near these unit parking spots, in order to clear them. If an ambulance had to show up, we cannot plow that area because other cars have not been moved.

Please, if you park within 3 cars of a handicap unit spot, YOU MUST MOVE YOUR CARS, These units must have clear spots.

As for the rest of the vehicles parked, if you can't move them, your neighbours will not get their spots done. You cannot complain about snow removal if you never move your car. You will have to shovel your own spot, plus your neighbours spot, if you haven't moved your car. Please be considerate of your neighbours spots.

The plow has now left. Sadly many spots did not get done.



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