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Updated: Mar 23

Each year the Board sets aside a budget for 2 people to attend the national Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) conference June 15 - 17 (note that travel days will be June 14 and returning possibly on June 18 depending on transportation choice).

This year the Board would like to invite expressions of interest from the members. We have room for one person from the membership to attend. There is lots to learn at these conferences about coop living for members. Highly educational.

This year the conference is in Ottawa and transportation, conference fees, meals will be paid by the co-op for one member to attend. One Board member will also attend. Mode of transportation to/from Ottawa is to be determined.

Please go to this website for more information on the conference and scroll down to "member education forum".

The board is requesting that anyone who would like to attend must send an email to us, writing a paragraph on why you would like to attend. Deadline to get your email to us is March 31, 2023. Send to

Thanks for your interest in expanding your knowledge of co-op housing.

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