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Concerns around the Co-op

Good morning everyone,

People have brought forward some concerns that are taking place around the co-op and I want to address them here.

  1. Speeding through the property. It has been noted on a few occassions that people are speeding through the property. Even though the speeds bumps are not installed during the winter, you need to slow down when coming onto our property. Please watch your speed for the safety of everyone.

2. There is a black and white cat running around. Would the owner please keep your

cats in the house or on a leash. In the bylaw 11 section 10.3 (b) No animals are

permitted to roam free. Please keep your animals on a leash, including cats. The

picture of the cat attached is similar to the one that is roaming around.

2. While we (and I) love to see kids outside playing, there are some concerns about

damages that need to be brought to the attention of our members.

In the pictures attached you will see that our parking signs are hanging by one

screw. I don't know who did it but parents please talk to kids about leaving property

alone. We need those signs up, especially for our snow removal. Pictures attached.

I understand kids are playing on the snow banks in that visitor / snow storage area as

well. Please tell the kids not to play there., It is a parking lot after all with cars

coming and going. There are great parks and trails in the area that parents can take

their kids to.

Trees are being damaged. A whole branch by unit 34 has been broken off the tree.

There is tree branches and debris laying about the parking lot in the snow storage

area (picture attached). I do not believe it is the wind that blew branches onto the parking lot, as no where else on the property is there that much debris. I believe

the kids are playing on that snow hill and, perhaps not on purpose, but some how

hanging onto branches or something similar causing debris to come down. Kids

need to stay off of our trees. We have asked many times, and it seems no one is

paying attention. Please ask kids to stop climbing trees and/or creating debris from


3. Area beside unit 14. While this may be common space, it is not an area that kids

need to be playing in. Normally there is a fence across that opening so kids cannot

run through there. This has been a problem in that area for a few years, with

different members living there, so we put up a fence. We have had people spray

painting the walls in that corner, damaging the vent pipes in that corner. This is why

the fence is there, to discourage people from using that area as a path way or a place

to hang out. In the winter we take half the fence down so members in the units there

can take their garbage cans to the curb easily. There is no need for kids to be

playing in the back corner, where no one can see them. In fact, I would be afraid of

something happening to kids in a dark unseen area of the co-op, or for kids being

blamed for any damages that might occur. The fence will go back up for the

summer, so we do not want anyone playing in that back corner. Please advise your

kids to stay away from that area.

We really appreciate everyone reading this, participating in what is required, and talking to your kids about things. We know times are tough, but these are things that can easily be addressed.

Thanks and have a great weekend.


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