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Coronavirus ! What you need to do !!

I am hoping that all of you are watching the news about this virus and learning more about it.

This is a serious serious thing. You need to pay attention. I am practicing protocols in my own home which include, anyone who enters my house must wash their hands immediately, before they touch anything, and then wipe off the door knobs with disinfectant. And in fact, I won't let anyone in who doesn't already live with me and they must follow this protocol. Do you know for sure that when your friend comes to visit, that they are practicing good hand washing at home and taking precautions?

Stay home. Do not go to the store or mall, unless it is urgent like food or medicine. If you are able to work from home, do so. Neil and I are fortunate that the Board of Directors understands the need for this.

Follow the news and the government and health websites. Only by doing as asked by them, can they slow this virus down.

Practice social distancing. Don't go visit your friends in other units or elsewhere. Don't "hang out" even if it is March Break. Talk to them on messenger or text, or the old fashioned way.... the phone! There is no need to go on friendly visits to peoples houses at this point in time. Your friends will still be there once the country can get some kind of handle on this.

Don't go to restaurants, but rather order take out.

You need to know that anyone with poor immune systems, or the elderly, will suffer most of all. Stay away from people who are not well or have compromised immune systems, for their protection.

I just cannot stress enough that you need to do what the government and health officials are saying. Please pay attention and stay well informed, so we can keep all of our members in good health!


Joan Koob.


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