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Free Tax Clinic in Guelph

Attached is the flyer for the tax clinic in Guelph. Getting your taxes done by a volunteer tax clinic will save you money, as there is no charge for simple tax returns (see flyer for info)

I can accept your tax slips and info and drop them off at the tax clinic for you if you wish. Simply put your information in an envelope and bring them to my office during office hours. I will be volunteering with the tax clinic, but will not be doing taxes for people who live at 467 Auden Road. They will be done by someone else. You can also get your tax info to the clinic on your own... see poster.

If you would like to get your taxes done for free, please see the attached flyer, and contact me for questions about dropping off your tax info. Please call the tax clinic directly for any tax related questions.

Thank you.

Have a great week!

Joan .

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