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Good news for a change!.

The County of Wellington has provided funding to housing providers in Guelph and Wellington County, to cover the extra costs due to COVID.

We applied for funding to cover the following and I am pleased to tell you that we were granted everything I asked for.

  1. All purchases for face masks, gloves, disinfectant, cleaning solutuion, paper towel, boot covers.

  2. Paid for a one year Zoom subscription so we can have longer zoom meetings and not be limited to 40 minutes.

  3. A new HEPA air filter system for the community centre. (Picture attached)

  4. A disinfectant electrostatic sprayer for the community centre. (Picture attached)

  5. We have been given an allowance to purchase 7 computers for Board members. These computers will be on loan to Board members. Right now many Board members are using their phones to particiapte in online meetings. This creates a problem for them to properly view any documents I have emailed them. I do email quite a few documents on a monthly basis. Computers will be on loan to current Board members, with strict rules about the use of them. Computers are expected to be returned in excellent condition when the member is no longer on the Board, or bare the cost of a new one.

In total I asked for $6,794.00 and we received this full amount. The funding from the County to cover our extra costs due to COVID, is greatly appreciated.


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