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As you are all likely aware, the Government has changed the rules regarding playgrounds, by allowing them to remain open, effective Saturday April 17, 2021. The Board understands that someone did remove the caution tape from the playground at some point on Saturday. As a reminder, all other measures with respect to the Stay at Home order, will be enforced as stated by Premier Ford. Please follow the provincial rules.

Below is the text from the tweet issued by Premier Ford, in case you did not read it.

The Ontario government is reversing restrictions on playgrounds as one Toronto infectious diseases doctor called the closing down of outdoor spaces, including playgrounds, across Ontario the wrong move in the fight against COVID-19.

“Our regulations will be amended to allow playgrounds, but gatherings outside will still be enforced. Play outside safely. Parents keep your distance & wear masks if you can’t,” Premier Doug Ford tweeted Saturday afternoon.

Stay safe everyone and follow the rules. The well being of every person depends on it. The last thing we need at the co-op is an outbreak of COVID-19. It's totally avoidable if everyone follows the guidelines.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.


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