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Grass seed available

For anyone who wants to improve their yards, we have grass seed available at the office in the lobby. I mentioned this in the spring as well.

Please come and help yourself, but bring your own container. There is a seed spreader there, but please bring it back when you are done. There are rakes in the shed, you just need to get the key to the shed from unit 4.

How to Reseed Bare Patches

A very easy and inexpensive method of patching bare spots is with seed. It only takes about 20 minutes of your time, plus some upkeep until the first or second mowing. The drawback is that it will take several weeks for the patch to be mowable, and as much as six months for it to fully blend into the rest of your lawn.

  1. Rake the Area

  2. Loosen the Soil

3. Spread the Seeds

Sprinkle grass seed evenly across the patch area, thick enough to cover the surface but not so thick that the seeds pile up on top of one another.1 Use an appropriate seed for your region and micro-climate (sun or shade). Perennial ryegrass should be a part of the blend because it will quickly germinate.

4. Lightly rake the seeds

5. Begin Watering

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