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Ground work to be done.

Good morning,

We have been noticing that many units are not mowing their yards. While I thank the people that do take good care of their yards, many many of you are not bothering. This is unfair to the people who do, as it just make the complex looks messy.... like no one cares.

The units facing Eastvie and Auden have their front yards mowed, only becuase no one would do it on a regular basis and it is the face of the community here, but no one along there is trimming around the flower beds like they should be.

For those folks with small front yards inside the complex, you are not taking care of these areas. You need to mow and trim your front yards as well, on a weekly basis.

Everyone needs to mow their back yards on a weekly basis. We have had to go and mow one unit and because the weeds were so high, the contractor charged us double, so that member as been invoiced $100.00 plus tax. If you do not keep up your yards, we will go in and mow them and the invoices will be charged back to you.

If you do not want to care properly for a flower bed in either the front or back yards, please dig them up and come and get grass seed and just turn these all into grass. If you want to keep a front flower garden, then please take care of it and trim along it weekly.

The property is looking very shabby because people are not taking care of their yards. You are all living on property worth over 3.5 million dollars!. Let keep care of it and take some pride in where you live. There are folks who call me at least 2 x a week looking for a decent and affordable place to live. You are all very fortunate to have a town house and a bit of a yard, so please take care of it.

You can get the lawn mower and weed trimmer from Sarah in unit 11 or if Sarah is not home then Laurie in unit 1. If you see that gas is needed, or if you have a problem with the equipement, please let Sarah or Laurie know so we can make sure it all works for the next person who needs it.

If you need grass seed for your yards, there is a blue bin in the lobby of the community centre, and you can just come and help yourself to it. Bring your own container.

I am looking forward to starting to see a property that members take pride in. I don't particularly like sending out these kinds of messages, but sadly, it is necessary.




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