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Kids climbing trees....


We have asked several times to tell your kids not to climb trees. It is a huge liability for the co-op and they may fall, or damage a tree. We want the kids to enjoy the outdoors and be safe, but we need to keep them off the trees.

Please, we need this to stop. Kids are saying they "can do as they please".... not sure where they got that statement from, but when an adult talked to a parent about it.... that parent called this person "a nazi". This kind of behaviour and insults from someone who lives here is unacceptacle. The Board has a zero tolerance for this, and it violates our bylaws.

I have also seen the kids playing on top of the electrical boxes and I asked them not to play there becuase it is dangerous.

Please tell your kids not to climb trees and to stay off of the electrical hydro boxes, for their own safety.

Thank you.



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