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Lawns etc.

Good day.

We need everyone to mow their front and back lawns, and if you have a garden in front of your house, to weed it regularly, or remove it all and just plant grass seed. The property is looking pretty shabby, mostly because lawns are not mowed and front gardens of units are just weeds. You are living on a piece of property worth over 3.5 million dollars. Lets keep our yards looking like it belongs on expensive property!. You can get the lawn mower from Sarah at unit 11. There is also a weed wacker available for use.

If you have clutter in your front porches or garbage laying about in your front yards, I will be asking those folks to remove all cluter and only store their bins in the front alcove or back yard. The front alcove is not a place for you to store "stuff". It makes the property look really junky. Please clean up your front porch. It really isn't fair to those who keep a nice tidy front area, to have units with "stuff" in their front alcoves, especially if the front doors are connected.

Karla will soon be adding plants to the front entrance gardens, to spruce things up. Thanks Karla for doing this!

Have a great weekend everyone. Supposed to be beautiful weather!.



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