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One Board Member required

Our Board secretary had to take a leave of absence. The Board has the ability to appoint a director as needed, and are now accepting expressions of interest. We are looking for one person to come and join the Board. A Board member can be anyone who is a member.

Being a Board member gives you the behind-the-scenes planning and discussion in running the co-op. A Board member is a valued and integral part of the community here at Wyndham Hill Co-op. You can learn so much from being a Board member, and you can add this to your resume as a volunteer position. If you require childcare, we will reimburse your reasonable expenses to attend a meeting. Board meetings are generally the last Monday of each month at 4:00pm. The odd time, there may be a "special" Board meeting.

The new Board member will automatically be considered for attending the Co-operative Housing Federation (CHF) conference in Ottawa this June 14 - 17.

If anyone is interested, please contact the office.



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