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Other peoples mail etc.

Hello everyone.

Just a reminder that if you get mail for someone else, you need to put it in my mailslot, inside the lobby area of the community centre, so I can deal with it. Please do not leave anyone's mail on top of the mailboxes. It could be very important and confidential. Please do not leave flyers etc at the mailboxes.

This evening I saw some food left on top of the mailboxes. I am sure this person was trying to be helpful, but unfortunately I had to throw it all out. People will not take food if they have no idea where it came from. It would be better to offer it to one of your neighbours directly. The items left tonight also leaked all over mail that was left on top of the mail boxes. It made a mess of the letters that were left on top and were stuck to the top. I am sure your intentions are good about leaving food, but I will have throw it out due to sanitary reasons .

The office will be closed until Monday Nov 2. If you have an emergency, please see Sarah in unit 11 or Laurie in unit 1. Emails and phone messages will not be answered until Monday.

Thanks everyone.


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