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Parking and snow removal

We see a few cars in visitors that appear not to have been moved for a few days. There is specifically one in the snow storage area that will be getting ticketed today. If this car is not moved by tomorrow, it will be towed at the owners expense.... it is a blue Honda civic.

Another car in visitors (grey 4 door car) has a lot of snow on it so it appears it has been parked here overnight. The car must have a parking tag on it so when it is not moved for plowing we can call the member who may have a visitor. If you do not have parking tags for overnight visitors please let Joan know asap, to avoid having your guests' cars ticketed and/or towed.

There is a white SUV parked in visitors in front of unit 44. We do not know whose this is either. If it is not registered with the office, or an overnight parking tag displayed, it will be towed at the owners expense.

We do have a few reserved spots available. If you are a member and you do have a second car, we do have some reserved spots for you, on a first come first served basis. Please let Joan know, so she can put you into a reserved spot, which then keeps visitor spots clear for actual visitors.

Plowing of parking lot: I will send an email message when I can, for when the plow will be here to plow spots. He generally does a pass through the property early in the morning and then comes back sometime after 9:00 am to clear parking spots and the rest of the property. If you think the plow is coming, please move your car to the road.

Remember that the grounds crew will not come within 2 ft of a parked car, so if your neighbour does not move their car, your spot won't get cleaned.

Please remember to tell your guests to move their cars if the plow is coming back.

Please see Joan for parking tags if you do not have any.




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