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Pests and rodents

Good evening everyone.

We wanted to take a moment to talk about pests and rodents.

One problem we face in our yards, is if there is a lot of weeds, items, or garbage, this creates a place for rats and mice to nest. It is important that you mow and trim your lawns, and keep them clean and tidy and garbage free. If you have garbage back there, you are essentially feeding the rodents. Please work hard to keep yards clean and tidy so the rodents stop coming here.

Inside your house, people may be experiencing mice and bugs. In order to avoid this you must clean under your fridge and stove, around the microwave, clean cupboards. If you leave crumps and food laying around you are actually feeding these pests and they will never leave!!. Please keep your counters, fridge, stove, floors an cupboards free of food and crumbs.

All of this should keep your unit and yard pest and rodent free.

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