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Rats and mice

We just had a wildlife control company come and look at 2 problem areas, behind 2 blocks of units (but the same applies to all other units). This is what he has found to be the cause of the problems:

  1. People are not mowing their lawns and weed trimming along the edges. This is a perfect spot for rats to hide and nest. You need to keep your lawns mowed, weeds removed. Any yards that have abundance of weeds (be it raspberries, ferns, other plants in abundance), these weeds and plants need to be removed at the yard tidied up. There are some units with the brown yard waste bags half full... a great place for rats and rodents to live.

  2. People are not emptying their garbage bins weekly. By leaving garbage and recyclables and compost, you are essentially feeding the rats and mice, so they will never go away because they are being fed well. You must keep your bins emptied regularly, and clean them out with water and soap often.

  3. People who have the outdoor matts on their back yard, are providing a place for mice/rats to crawl under and hide/stay warm, stay dry. You can put grass seed down and grow that to eliminate the matts. We have grass seed at the office.

  4. Many units have stuff such as toys, play structures, etc. While we know your kids need to play, we are just pointing out that this is another place for rats and rodents to harbour.

  5. There was a hole in one of the back yards, and any critters in there have been removed, and the hole screened over. If you have holes along your patio stones, please let us know right away.

  6. The company also looked a possible areas at two units, where mice could get in and he found nothing that could be an entry point. One main concern is that if mice do get in, and your unit is dirty, especially under the fridge and stove, you are essentially feeding the mice

The wildlife company cannot do much to rid us of rats and rodents at this point, because the cause of them is from back and front yards not being kept clean and tidy, weed free. Right now there is a lot of places that the rodents like. Please work on your back yards, by doing the above to improve this situation for everyone.



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