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Reminders and information for Members.

Hello everyone,

Just a few reminders and some information.

1. Reminder that we have the Annual Budget Meeting this Wednesday at 6:00pm via Zoom. I wil send the link tomorrow in a private email to you all.

2. Annual reviews for the rent subsidy folks is being put on hold by the County. Once I hear word telling us to restart the reviews, I will let you kknow. If you have it done already and want to hand it in, that is fine, I will do it, but it is not necessary until the County resume this.

3. Just a reminder that if you have maintenance work to be done, please send your request to Send all requests. We may only do the emergency requests right now, but at least we have it on record of other work that needs to be done.

4. We have a lawn mower for members to use. Please see Sarah in unit 11 or Laurie in unit 1. You will all have to sign a new waiver for the use of it....even if you have signed one before. We need it updated every year. You will be provided this, when you first go and get the key for the shed. Please make sure the mower workss when you return it and there is gas in the mower. There is a gas can that does have gas it in now. If you have a problem with the mower please tell Sarah when you return it. We want to fix it before the next person wants to use it.

There is lawn seed available in the lobby of the community centre, along with instructions for planting grass seed. Bring a container and help yourself, if you wish to improve your lawns.

Thanks everyone. It is suppossed to be 18 C this weekend. Hard to believe when it is only 4 right now!!.

Hope to see you on ZOOM on Wednedsay!. It will not be a long meeting.




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