• Wyndham Hill Co-op

Snow plow coming to clear parking spots!!

Please move your cars to the street before 10:30 am today. The snow clearing company will be coming to clear all parking spots. In order to get everyone's done, we

need all cars moved. Note that they will not plow within 2 feet of a parked car, which means if you don't move your car, your neighbours spot may not get done.

There are a couple cars in visitor and one in the snow plow area that must be moved before 10:30am, or get towed at the owners expense. Those plates begin with CJTB CKJS CKJZ . Please remove these cars before 10:30am and contact the office to register them. If you are visiting a unit, please ensure you have our parking tag visible in your front window. Note: members are not allowed to park in visitors. They must be in a reserved spot. We do have reserved spots available again, so please contact the office.

Please remove cars so our lot can get done well today for you.



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