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Spring grounds clean up

Our new grounds company, Gribbons Property Maintenance, will be coming on Friday April 29, 2022, to do the clean up of the common space on our property. I will be getting some brown bags, if you want to clean up your own yard. You can put them to the curb with your green bin. Bags will be on the food cupboard shelf by tomorrow at noon.

I will also have a bin with grass seed, by later afternoon Thursday, April 28/22, in the porch area by the food cupboard. If you want to improve your yard area, please feel free to come and get some grass seed. You will need to bring your own container. There should be a seed spreader in the bin, so please make sure you bring it back.

Rakes and shovels are available in the shed. You would go to unit 4, to get the key for the shed. There is also a lawn mower and weed trimmer you can borrow. Each year you will have to sign a waiver for the use of these items. If you are not sure how to use it, please ask a neighbour, or come on Thursday or Friday to see Richard and get a lesson. This week he is pretty busy, but next week should be ok. Just email me and tell me that you need his help. If the mower is out of gas, or you have a problem with it, tell Rachelle at unit 4. If the weed trimmer needs more string, tell Rachelle that as well, at unit 4.

At Wyndham Hill, we do not spray for weeds, so you will see a field of the "lovely" dandelions in the spring. :)

Just a reminder, if you are putting in shallow gardens in your yards, you do need approval of the Board. Simply send an email with what your plans are. If you want to install some fencing, you must also get Board approval, provide a plan of what you are doing, and call Ontario One Call to get them to come and check the area that you are wanting to dig, and provide us with the clearance certificates. The Board must approve all yard and fence changes. Ask Joan for more info.

Thanks everyone and happy spring - I think !!.



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