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You have not heard from me for a bit, and today I just want to take this time to say Thank you.

Thank you to all our members who are getting through this pandemic, practising social distancing, hand washing, staying home. You really are helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keeping it out of our community. I wanted to report that rent was all paid for April and I do know this is a struggle for our members. So Thank You!.

Thank you to all our front line employees at all essential stores and businesses. You matter! We need you!.

Thank you to all our front line health care workers!. We know the work you are doing is so risky and we thank you for being a hero every day, taking care of all of your patients, your clients, your long term care residents. Thank you....Thank you.

(My daughter is an RPN working in direct contact with COVID patients in a hospital (17 patients). She has to live in a hotel and not come home due to the risk of spreading the COVID virus to her family and others. She is my hero!)

I saw a post that said You are not Stuck at Home.... You are Safe at Home.

Stay safe at home everyone!. Wishing you all well.


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