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Thank you!!

Good morning,

Thank you to the kind person who put out my grey bin this week. I really appreciated that. Let me know who did that so I can thank you personally.

Work requests

We will start to do some minor work in units, and our contractor will be wearing masks, gloves, and boot covers, and practising social distancing. Please email with your work request and indicate your unit # in the subject line. If you have work to be done, we will be sending you a questionaire about COVID symptoms when you email us your work request. Please just answer it in the email and send it back to me. Non-urgent work will be scheduled for either a Thursday or Friday depending on the availability of our contractor. Please send me your work requests. I am sure there must be things you need done in your units. When our contractor is in your unit please remain 6ft away from him or any staff or volunteers coming to your unit.

We are especially concerned about water usage. If you have a tap that drips or a toilet that sounds like the water is running all the time, plesae let me know right away and I will get it tended to by either our repair contractor or a plumber. Our water costs are huge and going above budget, and we need to take measures to reduce our water usage. The Board will be talking about this at our next Board meeting.

Fire safety

Sleeping in basements. Please remember that you are not to have anyone sleeping in your basement. There can be no mattresses down there what so ever. If it is found out that there is a mattress in the basement or any such thing that makes us think someone is sleeping down there, we will call the fire department to attend your unit.

Please make sure your smoke detectors are not removed or tampered with. This is an offense under the Fire Code and the fire department will issue a ticket for each detector that is removed. The ticket will cost you $350.00 each detector, minimum, and further action if it is required.

Furnace filter change

Since we are not coming around to change filters in your furnace, please come to the office on Monday, May 25, 2020 between 9:30am and 4:30pm and pick up a filter from inside the lobby. A box will be set there for you. For those in stacked units, please bring me the filter you have so I can modify one to fit your space.

Outside water taps

You can now safely open your outside water tap. If you are not sure where that is, please call or email me. If you notice water dripping when you turn it on, please let me know so I can get it fixed right away.

Rent subsidy reviews

To our members who receive rent subsidy: Please note that the return of the annual reviews is on hold until the County tells us to resume completing them. If yours is done, feel free to hand it in, but it is not necessary until I advise you to return them.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.



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