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Just a few things to mention.

  1. Please mow your front and back yards. Starting next week, we will have our grounds people do your yard at a cost of $51.00 each. You will be sent an invoice. Please Please just mow your front and back yards and keep the complex looking neat and tidy. Please weed your garden areas. You can go to unit 4 or 14 to get the key for the shed. There is also a weed trimmer available. Grass seed is available in the community centre lobby. Bring your own container for seed.

  2. Please pull out any of the maple tree saplings that are in your yards, especially in gardens and beside the building and at fences. Please do this by Monday. We don't want them growing big and its better to pull them out now. If you need help with this, please let Joan know.

  3. The kids garden is ready to plant, but no one has used it. If nothing is being grown there by kids, I am going to assign it to an adult in the complex who is looking for more garden space. I will assign it to someone else on Monday, June 27, 2022, if I don't see any thing planted over the weekend.

  4. A community BBQ will take place soon!. Keep watching the blog messages for the date. We are looking for volunteers to help with this event. Please email Joan if you can help out.

  5. For those of you completing your rent subsidy annual review packages, please make sure that you fill in the chart for assets with your bank name, your type of account i.e. chequing/savings etc., account number, and the balance. This is on page 3 of 4.

  6. As Richard goes through units to do unit repairs, he will be dropping a blue dye tab in your toilet tanks. If there is a leak in your toilet tank, the dye will end up in the toilet bowl. We need to track this. You will find that when you flush the toilet after, the water in the bowl will be blue. Don't be alarmed as this will eventually go away after a few flushes.

A word about unit repairs. We are doing the replacement of screens this year with no charge. Please note that next year will will be charging for these screen repairs. Also note that damages above normal wear and tear may be charged back to the members, so it is important that you keep your unit in good repair.

As always, thanks for your co-operation as we make improvements to the complex and the units.

The office will be closed July 1 to 10. Please go to unit 11 or 14 for emergencies. For life safety issues please call 9-1-1

Have a great weekend!


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