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At the January 20, 2021 Annual General Meeting, we had only 3 people put their names forward for elections. We had 4 positions open. This means that the 3 people were acclaimed and no voting was required.

Here are your Board members, volunteering their time for your co-op. A Board member sits for a 2 year term but can run again once their term is up.

Sarah de Wit President 1 year left

Laurie Coulson Vice- President 1 year left

Teresa Adam Treasurer 2 years

Kayla Oehring Secretary 2 years

Staci Porter Director 2 years

Rachelle Gervais Director 1 year left

One spot vacant

One spot vacant awaiting a new Board member. Please consider applying for this position. The Board can appoint someone in a vacant spot throughout the year.

The positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer will be voted on at the first Board meeting in February. The executive above are current as of today.

These folks do a lot of work for the co-op and we should all appreciate their hard work and the time they spend.


Joan Koob

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