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Welcome to Wyndham Hill Co-op!


Wyndham Hill Office & Community Center 

Wyndham Hill Co-operative is a co-operative housing complex located in the Grange Hill East neighborhood of Guelph, Ontario.

Wyndham Hill Co-operative Homes was incorporated in 1991.

When you live at a Co-operative Housing building, you are a Member and not a tenant. The difference between a regular landlord and a Co-op is that Co-ops are a democratic society. Members have a vote on many things including, passing bylaws and the budget. Elected Members make up the Board of Directors.

What does it mean to be a member of a Co-operative?
Co-ops around the world are organized according to the seven principles of cooperation:
1. Voluntary and Open Membership
2.Democratic Membership Control

3. Member Economic Participation

4. Autonomy and Independence

5. Education, Training, and Information

6. Cooperation Among Co-operatives

7. Concern for Community
Helpful Links
Please refer to the links below for further information about Co-operative housing, our city, neighbourhood, and county.

-Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation

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