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Good day,

The blue recycle bin belonging to unit 37 is still missing. The serial number on the side of it is 215R0009605. If it is not returned by Sunday, I will be going to each yard or porch to check out the serial numbers on your bins on Monday between 9am and 12pm, until I find it.

To replace this bin will cost the member over $70.00. We need this bin returned asap.

Please check the numbers on your bin and if you accidentally have theirs, return it to unit 37.

Please note that all bins have a number that is specific and that is registered to the unit. If your bin does not match what the city has, you need to recitify that. You can find out if your bin matches the City by calling them

Solid Waste Resources


TTY: 519-826-9771



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A bin marked unit 37 has grown legs and may be mixed up at another unit. Please look at your bins, and if you have 37, please return it to that unit.



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Lots of members have not come to pick up a new furnace filter. Trust me, you are going to want to change it once you see the one you have in there now. Likely very very dirty. The regular townhouses need the 16 x 25 x 1 size.

Please come and get one and sign for it on the clip board.

If you are in a stacked unit, yours are shorter and so make sure you take one from the box with the shorter ones. We have to modify them and tape them, so those are the ones you would take.

Please use hand sanitizer before you touch the box of filters and pen/paper.

Also someone found some cash laying out in visitors area last week. If you lost some money call me and tell me how much you lost. We know the specific area it was found on the ground, but I am not going to say....rather let someone tell me what they lost.

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