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The kids garden is divided into 3 sections. I believe I had 3 families sign up for it. Please work on this at your own pace. It will be set up by the end of the day, over beside unit 39. Dirt has been put it and it is triple mix... the best kind for growing food. It is up to the families to water the garden and take care of their own plants, as well as empty it in the fall once the harvest is done.

Mowing lawns

Please ensure your lawns are mowed weekly. You can get the shed key from unit 4 or 14. There is a lawn mower, a weed trimmer there as well as a leaf blower in the shed.

Office hours for the next 2 weeks

The office will be closed later today until June 3, 2022 at noon. For work requests, please use the email Richard will see this email. No one else is monitoring the email until I return.

For emergency work and Richard is not in, please see Sarah at unit 11 or Karla at unit 14.

For life safety issues please phone 9-1-1.

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Please email me again by tomorrow at noon, if you intend to have a spot for your own section in our community garden. I need a final list of those interested. The garden spots will be assigned tomorrow afternoon.

For the kids garden, please email me also, by tomorrow at noon, so I can section off spots for the kids.




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The office will be closed until June 3 at 1:00pm.

Send work requests to so that Richard will see them. He is in on Thursdays and Fridays.

For after hour emergencies please see Sarah in unit 11 or Karla in unit 14.

For fire or other life safety issues, please call 9-1-1.

To get the key for the shed and lawn mower/trimmer see Rachelle at unit 4 or Karla at unit 14.

For anything else please email Joan at




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