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In keeping with what the city of Guelph is doing, we will be closing our playground until the City opens theirs again. Neil will be putting caution tape there today. Please do not allow your children to play on the playground equipment for their own safety.

In our efforts to keep everyone safe, we are closing our laundry room for one week, effective today. Some people who use the laundry room are not practicing social distancing and are off visiting friends, something that should

not be happening!. People are to stay at home unless they are going out grocery shopping or getting medications.... other than that people are to STAY HOME. As a possible risk of contaminating the laundry room, we are closing it until April 3, 2020. When the laundry room is open again, there will be a schedule for each family who uses it. We expect it to be adhered to. Anyone who uses the laundry room is to email Joan at wyndhamhillcoop@gmail.com right away as she will be making a schedule of when people can use the laundry room.

We have been told that people are leaving their laundry in the machines for hours.. and overnight. Please note that if this should happen once the laundry room is open again, the laundry will simply be thrown out. We cannot risk keeping this around.

Guelph has declared a state of emergency. Please read this link. https://guelph.ca/2020/03/mayor-guthrie-declares-state-of-emergency-for-guelph-in-response-to-covid-19/

It is important for the Board and staff to do everything possible to keep our members safe. We need you to do your part by following the protocols as stated by officials, practice social distancing and stay 6 ft away from other people, wash your hands vigorously for 20 seconds. If you or anyone you know has traveled, everyone must self-isolate for 14 days.

Please do your part to stop the spread of this virus.

If you have concerns about anything please email Joan. For anyone who uses the laundry room please email Joan and let her know, so she can work you into the schedule.

Stay safe everyone.

Board and Staff

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well, practicing social distancing, washing your hands often, and staying home except for essential shopping, to protect yourself and others. With the influx of March break travelers there will likely be surge of affected people, so please take great care. I don't know why the government even let people leave the country for Mark break holidays!!!

I haven't had any concerns from members as yet, so this means that you are all doing well, in light of this horrible virus that is going around.

I wanted to know how many of you use the laundry room. Can you please email me and let me know?

If you need anything, and I can help, do not hesitate to contact me. .

I will check in, in a few days. Stay healthy and safe!!



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I am just checking in to make sure everyone is ok. If you are struggling with something, and we can help, please send me an email. I may have resources you may not know about.

I am here and available to our members. Please email me if you need anything to wyndhamhillcoop@gmail.com.

Thanks! Stay home... Stay safe !.