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Good evening,

We had a lot of rain fall today. Please check your basements for water/wetness. If you do have water, it is because so much rain fell so fast, there was no time for it to be absorbed into the ground.

Let me know if you find a problem.



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Joan will be unavailable all day on July 3, 2020 and the afternoon of July 6, 2020.


Have a nice weekend!.


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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that someone totally damaged the red lawn mower beyond repair. Who ever did this would have run over a rock or something and they would have known that the lawn mower stopped working. As a result, we had to buy a new lawn mower (thanks Denis for putting it together for us). Please do not run over anything other than grass when using the mower. If you have tall weeds or grass, you need to use the weed trimmer and not the lawn mower for these areas first. Please take care when operating. Charge backs will ocurr if the lawn mower is damaged due to incorrect use of it. If you are not sure about something please talk to Sarah.

When you use the new mower, please be sure to clean the grass out from underneath the mower. Please be careful as the mower blade is sharp.

We do have a weed sprayer. I also have a mixture of epson salts and vinegar in there. Please point the sprayer directly at the base of the weed to kill it. You may have to do it a couple of times. The weed sprayer is in the lobby of the community centre. Please put it back when you are finished.

Thanks everyone. Please keep your lawns mowed, trimmed, and tidy so our complex looks orderly. Please keep your garbage in bins so you don't attracts rodents or animals.

Have a nice weekend.


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