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Members Handbook

Wyndham Hill Co-op is a community ran by the membership through the volunteer board. As such there are many ways in which we care for our homes, care for our community and are respectful to each other. For the members we have created a concise Members Handbook which outlines many aspects of caring for our units and neighbours in our Co-op. The handbook is a great resource for those who may be new to the Wyndham Hills Community or a great way to remind yourself of particular aspects or the responsibilities to being a member.

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Helpful information found within the Members Handbook includes:

  • History of the Co-op

  • Principles of cooperative living

  • Ways to be a considerate neighbour

  • Important information on parking, lost keys and renting the community center

  • Fire Safety

  • Maintenance​

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Community Resources

  • Your responsibilities as a member such as gaining renters insurance, paying for utilities, pets, decorating your home, guests & taking care of the fixtures (floor, appliances, furnace, windows, hot water tank etc)


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