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The Board

The Board of Directors at Wyndham Hill Co-op is a group of volunteers that oversee the co-op to best benefit the members. All the volunteers live within the community. The Board meets approximately once a month and has about seven members that are elected for periods of two years.

 Your Board of Directors for 2021

Sarah de Wit                    President

Karla Oehring                   Vice President

Teresa Adam                    Treasurer

Staci Porter                       Secretary
Rachelle Gervais                Director

Mohammed Barakat           Director

Message from the Board President 

To begin with, I would like to welcome you to our webpage. We hope the webpage will allow members and those who are wanting to become members to be informed about Wyndham Hill Co-op.

Personally, I have been a member of Wyndham Hill Co-op for 14 years. Over this period of time I have witnessed many changes in the way the Co-op has run and seen many of its successes. I have volunteered on the Board since 2011, and enjoyed serving as Board President since 2012. Although the Board is very much voluntary, there is a large duty to the organization that I enthusiastically engage in, such as the responsibility of making sure the business of the co-op runs smoothly and successfully. During this time I have seen a lot of positive changes throughout our community, organization, and Board of Directors.

While our Board has faced several challenges over these past several years, we have met them and achieved an even better place to live in. I am very proud of our successes and our proven capacity to continue to meet challenges again and again. Our team always strives to make decisions that are for the betterment of our community, so that members can live in a safe, friendly and enjoyable place.

Our team has always been driven by our on-going goal to improve and maintain the level of service it provides our fellow members within the Co-op, and will always strive to make improvements and decisions that are best for our entire community. I look forward to continuing to witness our community grow and develop. After all, a community is not just being geographically close to your neighbour, but rather feeling connected and responsible for that which happens around you, for working together makes everyone better!



Sarah DeWit

Wyndham Hill Co-op

Board President

(Archived 2019)

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