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Fire Safety

During the unit inspections, we have found some fire safety concerns in some units. For your safety, I want to take this time to remind you of what is required and below are a few items that we want you to watch out for. Other items may be required by the fire department. This is only a partial list.

1. The smoke detectors must be installed at all times. Taking down a smoke detector is a charge under the fire code. If your fire alarm is chirping please advise us immediately. Quite often it is just a battery and Sarah unit 11 has batteries, if I am not in the office. Just go to her to get one.

2. The front entry door must open all the way. There should be nothing behind the door that stops it from opening all the way.

3. All hallways must have a one meter clearance. Please make sure you aren't storing a bunch of stuff in any hallway.

4. There can be nothing on the stairs going upstairs or going down stairs. Nothing is to be left on the landings. The basement door must be installed and must open and close all the way.

5. You must ensure there is egress at the bedroom doors, so remove anything that is in front of the bedroom doors and there must be a clear area for a stretcher, beside the beds.

6. The bedroom doors must open all the way.

7. There must be NO bed in the basement. The basement is not meant as a sleeping area as there is not second exit.

8. You must have full access to the electrical panel. There must be a one metre clearance all around the electrical panel and nothing on the floor or any shelving/counters within a metre of the electrical panel. There must be a wide pathway to the electrical panel.

9. Please ensure there is nothing within one metre around the furnace as there is a gas/pilot light there.

10. Do not use extension cords as a means to keep an item plugged in on a full time basis. Extension cords are meant as a temporary measure..... not as a permanent way to keep something plugged in.

11. Do not leave any items on the stove, when you are not using it.

12. Watch out for how much "stuff" you have in your units and basements. For instance, if your basement is really full of stuff, it could be a problem and the fire department would be called.

These are just a few items that we had concerns about. You can contact the fire department for more information on Fire Safety. We want all of our members to be safe and so your diligence in fire safety is required. Remember that if your unit has a fire, it could potentially affect your neighbours as well.

Thanks for your co-operation in keeping your families and neighbours safe.

Joan Koob

and the Board of Directors.

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