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Lawns not mowed

Several members have not mowed their front or back yards.

Be advised that if your lawns are not mowed by Monday, July 31, 2023, we will give notice of entry and your lawns will be mowed by the grounds company. This cost will be 40.00 for the front yard, and 40.00 for the back yard. You will receive a bill for this.

With rodents running around, we need the lawns to be mowed and kept tidy so no rodents can nest. I am aware of some serious overgrown lawns. If a lawn is seriously overgrown and it takes longer for the grounds people to cut it down, that cost will be higher then $40.00 per lawn

You can get the key for the shed from unit 4. Please ensure the lawn mower has gas in it, when you return it to the shed, as a courtesy for the next person who will use it. I expect it to be a busy weekend for the lawn mower and weed trimmer, so return these as soon as you are done with them.

Please get this done over the weekend, to avoid being charged for someone else to do it.

Thanks very much.


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