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Market rent members needing help with rent?

Please see below how you can get help with rent (housing charges) if you are a member (tenant) who pays full market rent.

The Housing Stability Team launched an online application tool in June 2023 for individuals/families and community partners/advocates to apply for Housing Stability Funds.

This tool is a user-friendly way for applicants to enter their demographic information, reason for request, and upload any supporting documentation to accompany their request. Applicants who have already utilized the form have provided positive feedback regarding the process.

Applicants are still welcome to call or email the general contact information for Housing Stability if that is their preferred method of communication, however we are encouraging all applicants who are able to utilize this online form where possible.

The form can be found at:<> Or from the button on Housing Stability webpage on the County of Wellington website:

If applicants are unable to apply using the online form, they are able to use the following application methods:

PHONE: 519-825-7822 x3712

Please let me know if you have questions or if I can help.


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