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The Co-op Happenings

The Co-op Happenings is a blog updating the members of the Co-op to the happenings at Wyndham Hill. 

Co-op Coordinator will post here any important information so please ensure you check back consistently and sign up with your email to be informed when updates happen.

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Visitors parking is not intended for the use of our current members who have a reserved spot. Any member who has a reserved spot MUST park in their reserved spot. We have seen a few members who actually have a spot, park in visitors. There is only one member who is in visitor parking as they are waiting for a reserved spot to open up. I know who this member is.

Visitor parking is limited. If there is no visitor parking for your guests they must park on the street. Sadly we have no responsibility to take care of your guests visitor parking. We can only take care of our members.

Please have your guests park on the street if there is no visitor parking.

Members, if you have a reserved spot, you must park in it.



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If you have a child over age 16, they can become a member. Please call the office to discuss.

Here is the link to read about how they can become a member.

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According to the Guelph Today article, the developers across the street are appealing the denial of the build by the City. Have a read, and if you see any info on this please let me know. Thanks to the member who brought this to my attention.


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