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The Co-op Happenings

The Co-op Happenings is a blog updating the members of the Co-op to the happenings at Wyndham Hill. 

Co-op Coordinator will post here any important information so please ensure you check back consistently and sign up with your email to be informed when updates happen.

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With all the rain we are having, please check your basements. If you have any water in the basement, let me know asap.



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Richard will be going into yards to pull out the tree saplings that are growing beside the unit walls. He will do some today and also next week.

Members have seen rats around the complex. It is important that there is no garbage left out in the front and back yards of all units. Keep your back yards tidy of toys etc.



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Just a couple things to note.

1. The gardens have all been assigned now. Happy gardening to those that signed up for a spot.

2. The office will be closed until June 5, 2023. Please email Richard for work to be done at For urgent work needed please see Sarah in unit 11 or Mohammad in unit 13. For life safety issues, please phone 9-1-1.

3. Please mow your lawns regularly, especially the front areas, to keep the property

looking neat and tidy. You can get the key from Rachelle in unit 4. We have a

lawn mower and a weed trimmer. If any tools need attending, or need more gas,

please let Rachelle know. You must sign a waiver annually with Rachelle in order to

use the equipment.

4. There will be a movie night on May 26, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Please plan to attend. If it is a nice evening it will be held outside. We bought a new waterproof speaker so the volume is louder for the kids, for outside use.

5. When we have the July 8, 2023 multicultural potluck, please bring your cultural music on a USB stick. Our new outdoor speaker allows us to put in a USB stick, or plug into it to play music. We will remind everyone of this a week before the potluck.

Have a great few weeks everyone.


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