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Beware Scammers

Today in the co-op there is a scammer going door to door with fake information regarding a Ontario energy rebate, stated as a CERB. Please be aware the ontario energy board and several of the companies (alectra and embridge) have stated no affiliation with door to door individuals and that all actual information is on their webpage or the ontario energy board webpage. Please be aware avoid giving out personal information.

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Office hours

The office will be closed for most of the day tomorrow and for Monday all day. For after hour emergencies please see Sarah in unit 11 and Karla in unit 14. For life safety concerns please call 9-1-1.

A note about the kids movie nights

These movie nights are for the kids in our coop only. Kids cannot bring friends from outside of the coop. We need to keep it safe and just have our own kids. Thanks for your co-operation with this